Yi-wen Huang

Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Yi-wen Huang is a physical chemist by training and is interested in developing and improving instruments to help answer questions in atmospheric chemistry. Yi-wen got her B. A from Wesleyan University, CT and joined the Anderson group in 2001, where she got her PhD in Chemistry in 2010. Yi-wen studied chemical kinetics of OH + acetic acid using the High Pressure Flow System (HPFS) developed in the group. Since graduation, she has participated in instrument building to measure total water in the atmosphere (postdoc in the Anderson Group, Harvard) and calibration for a methane isotope instrument for deep sea deployment (postdoc in the Girguis Lab, OEB, Harvard). Yi-wen is studying ice nucleation/cloud formation mechanism in the Cziczo Group at MIT using the PALMS instrument coupled with a laboratory flow system. 

Outside of work, she enjoys her time with her two boys